Monday mashup 2022 (vol. 4)

It’s our last mashup for the month of March, and we are so proud to have shared some great tunes this month. It’s also my final day off before starting my new job tomorrow as a shift lead/assistant manager at Wendy’s. It has been a very productive down time, and we finally got to do something we haven’t done in more than a year – attend a live performance. We drove out to Warrenton, NC to see our dear friend and platinum-selling songwriter Jason Adamo perform at a cool place called Locorum Distillery, along with Jeremy Burns and Pressley Free. What a fun night. We’ll have more about that show later in the post. So let’s get going with this week’s Monday Mashup, as we share these five new singles and music videos.


We first met Jason Adamo when he was represented by Laura Goldfarb and Red Boot PR more than 10 years ago. We were instantly blown away by his soulful voice and amazing musical skills. This was before he wrote a platinum tune for then relatively unknown country artist Brett Young, and the rest, as they say, is history. Adamo has gone on to host a weekly Homegrown Carolina Country show on FM radio station QDR (94.7), which has featured local NC artists, including current breakout star Priscilla Block. Adamo has continued his amazing growth as an artist and recently recorded a cover of an unreleased track from Delta Rae called “Whatcha Thinking Bout Baby.” He is donating the proceeds to the American Cancer Society in memory of his mom and countless others that have been lost to this disease. We think you’ll love it as much as we do, and we hope you’ll support this amazing charity by buying the song.

Next up is the latest from the delightful Rachel Farris, who we have previously featured here in our column. She is a breath of fresh air in the indie world, and we really love her new song, “Down to Earth,” and its call to protect our environment. Get inspired.

Speaking of great causes, our next single is about mental health, and features the one and only Nicole Boggs & the Reel. The words are deep and mighty and need to be heard. Please help everyone who suffers from this disease as they go through their own “Existential Blues.”

Our fourth single comes from another of the amazing artists we have been exposed to courtesy of the Durango Songwriters Expo. This artist goes by the name Arielle Eden, and her latest is “Signs and Signals.” This one should be played on repeat.

Our final single this week comes from two sisters based in Houston, Texas. You’ve probably seen the barrage of sponsored posts on Facebook offering a free autographed copy of their current album. I admit I never clicked on those links, but after hearing their latest, I wish I had. Their harmonies are dreamy and they have hooked up with another of my favorite female duos, Honey County, to record “Like Home.” These ladies have got the goods. Definitely check out Wild Fire.


Our first video this week is another incredible song about empowerment from an artist who has become synonymous with that term, the one and only MILCK. Let’s take back our “Power” and show the world what that means.

Our next video is from a band we have not featured in a while, but one that is packed with immense talent. Check out “Time Won’t Take our Times Away” from The Claudettes.

One of our favorite venues in Los Angeles started out as a little hole in the wall that became the launching point for the careers of such diverse artists as Raining Jane, Sara Bareilles, Colby Caillat and more. We’re talking of course about The Hotel Cafe. One of the artists we discovered there is Heather Bond, and her latest release, “Fate,” is proof of her greatness. Check out this beautiful live performance of that tune.

We don’t feature many instrumentals in our column, but this one is just too good not to share. We have loved Joe Taylor since we first met him through our work with Ue3 Promotions, and we are definitely ready for “The Drive.”

We close out this edition of Monday Mashup with the new song from The Lickerish Quartet. “Fortunately” is definitely a feel good tune that deserves multiple plays. Turn it up and enjoy life.

Monday mashup 2022 (vol. 2)

It’s almost spring, and amazing new music continues to burst forth in this beautiful post-Covid time of reconnecting to the rest of the world. We have some amazing tunes for you this week, so let’s get started.


First up this week is the latest from the multi-talented band called Ponderosa Grove. Not only are they creating great music, but their lead vocalist, Candace Devine, is producing the Pure Imagination Festival in their hometown of Prescott, Arizona. They just added the legendary Wynonna to their already amazing lineup. The music of Ponderosa Grove is so refreshing and we really think their latest, “Changin,'” will become your theme song. Give it up for them.

Next up are two sisters from Nashville that call themselves American Blonde. Their music is radio ready and their latest, “Blackwater Creek,” is the perfect vehicle to truly launch them into the mainstream. Watch for these guys to take country radio by storm with their brilliant storytelling and pitch-perfect harmonies.

Jackie Lee McLean may be the daughter of a legendary American musical icon, but she has earned her place in the industry through self-reflection, strong relatable lyrics and memorable musical compositions that connect her to the rest of the world. On stage she goes by Roan Yellowthorn, and her latest single, “One Tear at a Time,” is a remake of the classic Rusty Young (Poco) tune for a special Blue Elan Records project honoring Young’s music. Check out the entire album.

MILCK has become the voice of empowerment for women around the world, and her latest, “Power,” is further proof of his place as the Queen of Empowerment.” Bow down before her majesty and rise up into a great new beginning.

Our final single this week reminds us of the power duo of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. This song will leave you laughing and crying at the same time, as Julia Cole and Alexandra Kay tell us about the “Best Worst Ex.” It’s no wonder Tim McGraw chose Kay to open up his next tour. Catch them in concert this summer.


Our first music video this week is a heartwarming and uplifting country tune from Bryan Lanning, who extols the value of letting your children grow up at their own pace. We think “Let ‘Em Grow” will become a theme song and source of inspiration for new parents.

Next up is the latest lyric video from Canadian band Ellevator, who we have featured before. We love the driving beat and the powerful lyrics of “Sacred Heart” and think you will too. Enjoy the latest from this stellar group.

Our third video features Canadian R&B artist Myles Lloyd in a powerfully moving video about living life called “Down Under.” This one is worthy of your attention.

Paloma is a 14-year old phenom whose music shows maturity way past her years. Listen carefully to the words of her latest, “Momma,” and we think you will see the future of music.

Our final video this week is a bluesy classic from Sandy Haley with a message that should resonate with women all over the world, “Love me Right or Cut me Loose.” Man up and heed the message.