Monday mashup 2021 (vol 23)

As we enter the final week of July, the Olympics are in full swing and indie music is flowing freely. We’ve got some great new songs and music videos for you this week, so let’s get the party started.


Our first single this week comes from another LA Music Critic Award winner, this time LA’s Constanza Herrero. She relocated to LA from her native South America after winning Best Latin Artist/Band, and we couldn’t be happier. Her latest is another gem, in the form of “I Didn’t Care,” but we know that she really does.

Next up is the latest from San Diego native and now Nashville musical maven Alyssa Jacey. She continues to improve her musical prowess and delivers a stunner with the remix of her song, “Drowning Me.” We are glad that she has overcome and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

LA is home to some very prolific songwriters, and one of our favorites has always been Patricia Bahia. She is an award-winning songwriter who has had multiple placements in television and movies. She is also a collaborator. Her latest collaboration with Betty Lawrence has become the band 7th & Hope, and the product of that union is called “Brand New Day.” Let it inspire you as the new week begins.

Single number four is from Blue Elan Records artist The Vegabonds. These guys always bring it to every song they release and their latest, “Heartache and a Memory,” is no exception. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Our final single this week is from the EP Empty Hearts which was released last Friday by Alexis Keegan. She has been off the radar for a couple of years but is back with an abandon. We love the third song “I’d Rather be Your Girl,” and believe it has what it takes to make it on Top 40 Radio. Let us know if you agree.


First up this week is the latest video from Adelaine Morin on her 10th anniversary as a YouTube artist. This one has a smooth R&B groove and is highly provocative. Check out “No Sugar.” This one will appeal to all your senses.

It’s very “Easy” to love the latest video from Laurent Bourque. We love the groove and could easily visualize the use of this song in a multitude of placement opportunities. We look forward to hearing what comes next from this sweet artist.

Our third video this week comes from the sweet Americana honey voice of Jenny Shawhan and is truly reflective of her debut album, Don’t be Afraid. Check out this beautiful video for the title track.

Next up is a funny video about trying to find the right “look” for your band. We love the 90’s feel of “Time Will Tell,” and think The Keystones definitely have the chops to find their place on the indie music scene.

Our final video this week comes from the intriguing mind of Jessicka. She shares her somewhat disturbing vision for her song “Mirrorball Midnight,” and leaves us wanting more. Have a great week and we’ll check in with you next month.


Monday mashup 2021 (vol 22)

Sorry we missed last week but there were issues at work and I never had the chance to write. However, we’re back today with some local indie news about Jason Adamo, plus we have five new singles and music videos. Let’s get going.

Home Grown Country

NC indie musician Jason Adamo is one of the best country music artists we have come across, but he is also gaining a reputation as a DJ on one of the larger country music radio stations, QDR 94.7, out of Raleigh. Every Sunday night at 9 p.m., he is the host of Home Grown Country, featuring music from local artists. Way to go Jason – keep shining that spotlight.


It’s been a minute since we last had a new song from one of our favorite redheads, but Delaney Gibson has given us something to celebrate with the release of “Shelter From Thieves.” We love the sheer power of this song. Let us know what you think.

Our second single this week comes compliments of the one and only Shannon Hurley. She collaborates with Activa on another stunning EDM masterpiece, and definitely helps us “Return to Life.”

Next up is the latest from a very talented young lady out of Santa Barbara, California. She has rebranded herself as Cecilia James and continues to amaze everyone who hears her. Check out her new single, “Different Ground.” We love it.

LA Music Critic Award winner Brigitte Purdy is back with our fourth single this week, and it is her best to date. If you love the blues, then this artist needs to be on your radar. Here’s her latest, “Time for Love.”

Our final single this week comes from LA songstress Kris Angelis and is remake of one of her earlier hits. Get ready for the warmer weather with “20 Miles to Empty (Summer Version).”


We kick off the new with the new video from Carly and the Universe. It is a wild and crazy romp for their hot new single, “Salvation.” We think you will want to put this one on repeat.

Next up is a rocking bluesy number from the Queen of Sacramento, Katie Knipp. This one is a toe tapping musical treat. Check out “Sad Eyed Lover.”

Our third video this week is from none other than the Russian songbird, Marina V. This lyric video brings to life the beautiful words of her latest single, “It Gets Better.” Listening to her sweet “soft rock” voice, we truly believe it will.

Video number four comes from relative newcomer Taylor Rae and is the first video from her forthcoming album. It is a beautiful and sentimental tune that evokes all kinds of memories with its excellent cinematography. We think you’ll fall in love with her voice. Check out “Fixer Upper.”

Our final video this week comes from the fresh R&B duo allen&elle. We think their music shows great “Promise” and can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Get it or forget it – KG Music Press

Having a great PR firm is critical for indie artists, since they don’t have the power of a label behind them to promote their material. One of the better PR firms that we have worked with is Kim Grant’s KG Music Press. This edition of Get it or Forget it will highlight four of her recent clients’ releases.

compliments of Pleasant Valley Ranch

Artist NameWest of Texas

Album NameHeartache, Hangovers and Honky Tonks

Label:  Pleasant Valley Ranch

Genre: Country/Folk

Track Listing:  1. My Whiskey Life; 2. Foolin’; 3. The Cost of Lovin’ You; 4. Darlin’ How You’ve Changed; 5. This Fool; 6. Whatcha Drinkin’ (explicit); 7. Dead End Job Blues 8. Bayou Boy; 9. Cheatin’ Drinkin’ Hurtin’ Song; 10. Fixin’ to Love You; 11. Sign of a Broken Heart; 12. If You Were in my Shoes; 13. You’re Still the One I Dream Of; 14. 12 Steps to Drinkin’; 15. Sound of my Heart Breakin’; 16. Whatcha Drinkin’ (radio edit)

Publicist: KG Music Press

Review:  In a world where “country music” is more rock than country comes a breath of fresh air. West of Texas provides a more traditional approach to country music that is pure Texas in its sound, incorporating more blues, folk and swing into the mix. This is the music you want to hear in a dance hall as you two-step, waltz and swing around the floor. What makes it even more interesting is the story behind the album, which began more than 10 years ago as a 3-song EP. Lead singer and songwriter Jerry Zinn developed health problems and was unable to sing from 2010 until 2019. Just as he was getting ready to return to the studio to complete the album, the world got shut down because of the Coronavirus. Fortunately, the final product was worth the wait, and allowed Zinn to work with some of the best players in the Southern California country and Americana scenes. We can hardly wait to hear what comes next.

Recommendation: If you love country dancing or just want to hear some good music with your beer, then this one is perfect for you. Go get it.

courtesy of Belltown Records

Artist NameHilary Scott

Album NameKaleidoscope

Label:  Belltown Records

Genre:  Alternative/Country

Track Listing:  1. Just a Shame; 2. Almost Home 3. Too Much is not Enough; 4. And Just; 5. Free Country

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Review:  It’s been a few years since we last reviewed Hilary Scott, and her latest EP was worth the wait. Her musical sound has developed since then and is so much more than typical modern country, with a more alternative pop-rock sound. It truly showcases the eclectic musical taste of a seasoned artist, and is one of the best we’ve reviewed in quite a while. All five songs are different and we think the best is yet to come. We recently featured “Just a Shame” in our Monday Mashup column, but every one of these tunes could potentially be highlighted. We are truly looking forward to seeing which direction she takes in the future, and believe she will continue to be a shining light on the indie music scene. The EP closes with “Free Country,” which belongs on Top 40 radio.

Recommendation:  Rush out and get this one.

courtesy of Young and Sick

Artist NameBen Reddell Band

Album NameLA Baby!

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Roots/country

Track Listing:  1. My Baby; 2. Cocaine; 3. Tumbleweed; 4. Love her & you need her; 5. 12 bar blues; 6. Good Thing

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Review:  If you’ve spent any time around the LA roots scene, you’ve undoubtedly seen Ben Reddell. He is the promoter of the weekly The Grand Ole Echo indie-roots music show and general manager of Bedrock LA Studios. He is also the unofficial “Mayor.” His last album was released in 2012. However, with the shutdown of the live music scene, Reddell found himself with a lot of time on his hands, so he turned his knowledge of the scene and his contacts within the scene into a fun, no-holds-barred album that will make you want to listen again and again. We really love the zydeco feel of “Love her & you need her” and “Good Thing” and the Jimmy Buffett influence of “12 bar blues.” This is an album that will definitely stand the test of time, and we already want to see it performed live. Please don’t make us wait another nine years for the next one.

Recommendation: , Definitely worth whatever it costs to add this one to your collection. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

courtesy of Justin Largent

Artist Name Tylor & the Train Robbers

Album NameNon-Typical Find

Label:  Self-released

Track Listing:  1. Equation of Life; 2. This Town; 3. Worth the Wait; 4. Jenny Lynn; 5. Non-Typical Find; 6. Lemonade 7. Something Better; 8. Staring Down the North; 9. These Eyes; 10. Back the Other Half; 11. Silver Line

Publicist:  KG Music Press

Genre Roots/Country

Review:  This is our first exposure to the music of Tylor & the Train Robbers, and we guarantee it won’t be the last. They have a classic country sound that reminds us of such hitmakers as Sawyer Brown and Confederate Railroad. Lead singer Tylor Ketchum‘s vocals are reminiscent of a cross between another famous Ketchum (“Hal“) and Bob Dylan. The band is composed of Ketchum, his brothers Jason and Tommy Bushman, his father-in-law, Johnny “Shoes” Pisano, and his wife Jennifer. Other musicians who contributed included Bernie Reilly, Cody Braun and Brian Davies. Nashville needs to stand up and take notice of this band, as we believe they have what it takes for lasting success. The songs are designed to get you on on the dance floor, and the lyrics are memorable and fun.

Recommendation:  This one is a definitely Get. Don’t waste time if you love great classic roots country.

Monday mashup 2021 (vol 21)

Happy (observed) Independence Day 2021 and welcome to the new improved Indie Voice Blog. Enjoying my “weekend” today and tomorrow, so it was the perfect time to sit down and share these five new singles and music videos with you. Hope you are having a great holiday and are ready for summer and the return to “live music.” Here we go.


Our first single this week is from Rod Gator, the new moniker for multi-LA Music Critic Award winning artist Rod Melancon, who is also signed to Blue Elan Records. This one is dedicated to his home state and is “For Louisiana.” We think you’ll love it. Welcome Rod.

Our second single is from another Blue Elan artist, The Vegabonds. We love the classic country feel of this one, and definitely get “Shaky Hands” when we listen. Well done.

Suzanne Santo is one half of the Americana duo honeyhoney, and is a dynamic solo artist on her own. Her latest single is powerful and we can’t wait to check out the forthcoming new album. Give a listen to “Common Sense” and we guarantee you’ll want more.

We are overjoyed to share with you a new band that is upbeat and fun to listen to. Welcome to our blog, One More Weekend. We are really enjoying “Colourful Things” and can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Our final single this week comes from local California southern country rockers Sam Morrison Band. The song is called “Straight Outta Jacksonville” and features the Sons of Liberty. Grab a cold one and make some noise with this one.


Before we share this week’s music videos, we have a special treat for you. One of our favorite country artists, Toby Keith has a new lyric video, and of course, it’s controversial. Check out “Happy Birthday America” and let us know where you stand.

Back in February we shared the single “A Lot Like Home” from Risa Binder. Today we are happy to share the music video, which features Benji Harris. We love this collaboration and hope it makes it home to CMT.

Next up is a lyric music video released yesterday by Shannon Clark and the Sugar. We love the beautiful cinematography and think you’ll get a kick out of their song, “Little Darlin.”

Somehow we missed this next music video when it was released back in May. It features the powerful and soulful vocals of Candace Devine and is from her new band Ponderosa Grove. What also makes it special are all the cameos from friends and fans, sharing their own personal losses. Remember those who have gone ahead of the “Waterline.”

Another video that debuted yesterday is the latest from Bryan Lanning and is a sentimental feel good song worthy of repeated listens. Check out “Slide into my GM” and see if it doesn’t make you want to relive those memories.

We close out this week’s edition with some smoking rock and roll from The NEW Bardots. They may be “On our Own,” but we are happy to join the party. See you next week.