Monday mashup 2022 (vol. 5)

April is finally here and spring is in full bloom. Here in North Carolina where the sky is always Carolina Blue, half of the state is in mourning after those Tarheels finally ended the reign of Coach K, whose Blue Devils are a deeper shade of the State’s favorite color. One of our favorite indie artists is also a lover of blue, and we are happy to be able to share her brand new single, along with four other singles and five new videos. Let’s get this party going.


If you’re a fan of this blog, then you know which artist is a fan of blue. She always requests her fans to show up in their favorite blue and bring their crew, and she has become even larger than life since leaving San Diego for Nashville. Her fan base continues to grow and we are proud to feature her new single, “Sha La La Love,” this week. Thanks Alyssa Jacey for another amazing song, including some very interesting rap.

Our second single comes from another Nashville artist who is ready to truly take his rightful place on the country music charts. We haven’t featured him enough in our blog, but with the release of his new future mega hit, “Staying Over,” we believe the time is right to get on this train. Take it away Sam Grow.

We featured Diana Rein a couple of weeks ago, and she’s back with another awesome blues tune that’s ever more “Reckless” than her last one. Give it up for the Queen of Blues. We will never get tired of hearing more from you.

We head back to California for the release of “The Waiting Room” from LA iconic pop artist BINX. Of all the songs we have featured from her in the past, this one is our new favorite. Put this one on repeat and enjoy the sunshine.

We close out our singles this week with another future country hit, this time from Megan Wilder, an artist beginning a new chapter in her musical journey. “If I Knew” says what we always wish we could say, and deserves your full attention. Turn it up, listen carefully to the thoughtful lyrics, and heed her advice.


We kick off the music video section of our Monday Mashup with the premiere of the lyric video for “My Reason,” the first single from the forthcoming album by one of Southern Rock’s greatest groups, the Sam Morrison Band. Turn this one up and grab a cold one as you enjoy this incredible ballad which is chock-full of beautiful photos from the band’s fanbase.

Next up is an upbeat and memorable tune from Aviators, courtesy of Tarsier Records. They may be “Actin’ a Fool,” but their music is no joke. Enjoy this one.

We have a pair of new videos for you that talk about coming out of the pandemic and the isolation that affected so many of us. First up is Cenza, who became “Unhinged.” We love how she transforms into iconic screen actresses as she progresses through the song.

On the other side, Carissa Johnson felt like a “Tourist” in her own life. We give kudos to both artists for sharing their vision.

We wrap up this week’s blog with a band that sounds a lot like Chasing Cars, and their songs are equally as memorable. They have a sweet mellow sound that is reflected in the video treatment for their single, “Running Away.” Give it up for German band JONAH.