Monday mashup 2022 (vol. 5)

April is finally here and spring is in full bloom. Here in North Carolina where the sky is always Carolina Blue, half of the state is in mourning after those Tarheels finally ended the reign of Coach K, whose Blue Devils are a deeper shade of the State’s favorite color. One of our favorite indie artists is also a lover of blue, and we are happy to be able to share her brand new single, along with four other singles and five new videos. Let’s get this party going.


If you’re a fan of this blog, then you know which artist is a fan of blue. She always requests her fans to show up in their favorite blue and bring their crew, and she has become even larger than life since leaving San Diego for Nashville. Her fan base continues to grow and we are proud to feature her new single, “Sha La La Love,” this week. Thanks Alyssa Jacey for another amazing song, including some very interesting rap.

Our second single comes from another Nashville artist who is ready to truly take his rightful place on the country music charts. We haven’t featured him enough in our blog, but with the release of his new future mega hit, “Staying Over,” we believe the time is right to get on this train. Take it away Sam Grow.

We featured Diana Rein a couple of weeks ago, and she’s back with another awesome blues tune that’s ever more “Reckless” than her last one. Give it up for the Queen of Blues. We will never get tired of hearing more from you.

We head back to California for the release of “The Waiting Room” from LA iconic pop artist BINX. Of all the songs we have featured from her in the past, this one is our new favorite. Put this one on repeat and enjoy the sunshine.

We close out our singles this week with another future country hit, this time from Megan Wilder, an artist beginning a new chapter in her musical journey. “If I Knew” says what we always wish we could say, and deserves your full attention. Turn it up, listen carefully to the thoughtful lyrics, and heed her advice.


We kick off the music video section of our Monday Mashup with the premiere of the lyric video for “My Reason,” the first single from the forthcoming album by one of Southern Rock’s greatest groups, the Sam Morrison Band. Turn this one up and grab a cold one as you enjoy this incredible ballad which is chock-full of beautiful photos from the band’s fanbase.

Next up is an upbeat and memorable tune from Aviators, courtesy of Tarsier Records. They may be “Actin’ a Fool,” but their music is no joke. Enjoy this one.

We have a pair of new videos for you that talk about coming out of the pandemic and the isolation that affected so many of us. First up is Cenza, who became “Unhinged.” We love how she transforms into iconic screen actresses as she progresses through the song.

On the other side, Carissa Johnson felt like a “Tourist” in her own life. We give kudos to both artists for sharing their vision.

We wrap up this week’s blog with a band that sounds a lot like Chasing Cars, and their songs are equally as memorable. They have a sweet mellow sound that is reflected in the video treatment for their single, “Running Away.” Give it up for German band JONAH.

Monday mashup 2022 (vol 1)

Hard to believe it’s March 8 and this is our first Monday Mashup of 2022. Spring has arrived here in North Carolina and our weather has been reminiscent of California, with temps in the 70s and 80s, trees budding and flowers blooming. We have a rare day off and thought it might be nice to share some of the amazing music that is bursting out everywhere. Here are five new singles and music videos that have inspired us recently.


Our first single this week is from a long time friend who, like many of us, has been going through some difficult times over the past few years. We first encountered Alyssa Jacey when we were living in California, and have always been inspired by her fire, her way with words, and her positiveness. Her latest, “See me Cry,” shows a new chapter emerging in her truth, and we are so excited to be able to share it with you.

Next up is the latest from iconic LA indie artist BINX, with her haunting lyrics and delicate instrumentation of “Ghost.” This one will stay with you long after the final notes are struck.

Our third single this week is from the sultry fiery redhead named Nina Storey. We have been fans of her for a very long time, and we think her latest tune, “Falling,” is her absolute best to date. The lyrics stir up our emotions and inspire us to make ourselves memorable. Sit back and “fall” in love with the voice and talent of this amazing young lady.

We switch gears for our next single, shifting over to the iconic blues sound of Brigitte Purdy. We are totally in love with her powerful vocals, and totally agree with the sentiments expressed in her latest, “I Just Want to Make Love to You.” We think you’ll feel the same.

Our final single this week is a breathtaking ride through the world of Alexandria Corn. She writes about familiar truths in such a way that you will never forget them. Listen carefully to the words of “Back Together Again” and reflect on the sweet sentiments of the song.


Our first video this week comes from former Home Alone actress and new blues queen Diana Rein. Her compelling lyric video for “Fake Love” will move you and reasonate with your own past experiences. Check it out.

Moving on to South African pop star Cara Frew, experience the power of “Electric Feels.” This one will get you up and moving on.

Our third video takes us back to the blues/rock sound of Fred Hostetler and features Eric Troyer. “Wall of Dreams” is a visually stunning capture of this song, and definitely worth multiple listens.

We don’t normally share videos from major international artists, but this one is just too good not to share. The music of The Snake Charmer is electrifying, combining the best of Celtic and Indian cultures. Check out “The Foggy Dew” and we think you’ll be hooked for life.

Our final video this week is from the amazing collaborative group Ponderosa Grove, featuring our friend and former client Candace Devine. The band has been busy building on their recent success of opening for the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and lay it all on the line with the lyric video for their awesome tune, “Freedom Ride.” Hop on board.

We’ll see you soon. Enjoy your week.

Monday mashup 2021 (vol 23)

As we enter the final week of July, the Olympics are in full swing and indie music is flowing freely. We’ve got some great new songs and music videos for you this week, so let’s get the party started.


Our first single this week comes from another LA Music Critic Award winner, this time LA’s Constanza Herrero. She relocated to LA from her native South America after winning Best Latin Artist/Band, and we couldn’t be happier. Her latest is another gem, in the form of “I Didn’t Care,” but we know that she really does.

Next up is the latest from San Diego native and now Nashville musical maven Alyssa Jacey. She continues to improve her musical prowess and delivers a stunner with the remix of her song, “Drowning Me.” We are glad that she has overcome and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

LA is home to some very prolific songwriters, and one of our favorites has always been Patricia Bahia. She is an award-winning songwriter who has had multiple placements in television and movies. She is also a collaborator. Her latest collaboration with Betty Lawrence has become the band 7th & Hope, and the product of that union is called “Brand New Day.” Let it inspire you as the new week begins.

Single number four is from Blue Elan Records artist The Vegabonds. These guys always bring it to every song they release and their latest, “Heartache and a Memory,” is no exception. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Our final single this week is from the EP Empty Hearts which was released last Friday by Alexis Keegan. She has been off the radar for a couple of years but is back with an abandon. We love the third song “I’d Rather be Your Girl,” and believe it has what it takes to make it on Top 40 Radio. Let us know if you agree.


First up this week is the latest video from Adelaine Morin on her 10th anniversary as a YouTube artist. This one has a smooth R&B groove and is highly provocative. Check out “No Sugar.” This one will appeal to all your senses.

It’s very “Easy” to love the latest video from Laurent Bourque. We love the groove and could easily visualize the use of this song in a multitude of placement opportunities. We look forward to hearing what comes next from this sweet artist.

Our third video this week comes from the sweet Americana honey voice of Jenny Shawhan and is truly reflective of her debut album, Don’t be Afraid. Check out this beautiful video for the title track.

Next up is a funny video about trying to find the right “look” for your band. We love the 90’s feel of “Time Will Tell,” and think The Keystones definitely have the chops to find their place on the indie music scene.

Our final video this week comes from the intriguing mind of Jessicka. She shares her somewhat disturbing vision for her song “Mirrorball Midnight,” and leaves us wanting more. Have a great week and we’ll check in with you next month.